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Relationship Counseling:

Synergy: “The creation of a whole that is greater than the simple sum of the parts alone”

Our loving, committed relationships can be the most rewarding and healing of our life experiences.  It is within such relationships we often grow the most and reach our greatest potential as individuals. A relationship cannot healthier than the individuals in it, but when two people work together and value themselves as well as the relationship, great things can happen. Unfortunately many of us are not given the information and tools, or have developed the skills to have relationships on this level. We all bring wounds from our past that play out with our partners, often unconsciously, leading to more hurt instead of healing. In my work with couples, my goal is to help my clients develop a relationship that allows both individuals to heal and evolve. This then leads to a thriving, synergistic relationship that each partner feels good about and is energized by.

I have worked with couples since I began my career in the 1991. I incorporate the skills and concepts from the research based work of Drs. John and Julie Gottman (,  Imago Relationship Therapy of Dr. Harville Hendricks and Dr. Helen LaKelly Hunt (, as well as the skills, knowledge and orientation I bring to my work with individuals.

Divorce Counseling:

Sometimes relationships have a limited lifespan.  Perhaps the growth potential has been reached, or, sadly,  the damage done between the two partners is not repairable within the relationship.  When this is the case, I help support my clients while they come to this realization and I facilitate more peaceful communication and understanding that allows each individual, as well as any children of the relationship, to move forward in a healthier way and have better long term outcomes. My training as a Collaborative Divorce Coach gives me unique insight into how divorce can be handled in a way that allows all involved to come out of the divorce process with less baggage to carry forward and sometimes, even do some healing along the way. For more information on Collaborative Divorce in NJ go to


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